Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Quad Stops!

So I've blogged about these before, but I was experimenting last night, because I was frustrated that my callouses on my left fingers weren't building up as quickly as I would have liked & that I didn't have enough time to practice. So, I figured I'd give the quad stops a try.

2 different variations on these:

1. Rhythmic: Whole, Quarter, Duplet, Triplet, Quadtuplet, Quintuplet, Sextuplet (gonna add in septuplet once I get the latter two down). I find that the more involved bow strokes really build them up more. This will be great for getting me ready for Saint-Saens.
2. Pitch: moving up and down by half-steps (and potentially other intervals). This can start in any area ... for some reason, descending in pitch is substantially more challenging ... Anyway, I think the best approach probably combines the two...

Right now I have my hand positioned with minor 6ths between then fingers (eg. D A# F# D), which basically makes it an augmented chord. At some point I'm going to try more challenging/different hand positions.

I might start making videos for YouTube for the different exercises I've come up with (ladders and quad stops) ... not sure though.

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