Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Day That Never Comes

4 important musical things lately:

1. Cello Lesson #1
2. Recording Session in Brooklyn
3. Arranging String Parts for Nothing Else Matters
4. Death Magnetic!!

1. Our first cello lesson for the year was amazing (no playing), but just in terms of talking & getting on the same page & holding up to a higher standard, all is well ... I've got a lot of really cool pieces that I'm gonna be potentially doing ... including the 4th Bach Suite ... so stay tuned for some insanity
2. I did some cello tracks for this guy: ... went pretty well & he writes some really cool music ... sorta like a more ambient/mellowed-out version of Opeth ... I wish I had been practicing more/in better shape, but I'll just have to practice more from now on to prevent stuff like that ... still went well though - got a nice sound out of my cello, and the Producer/Engineer asked me for my card (speaking of which, I need to get more from home!)
3. I just arranged a cello and violin part for Nothing Else Matters (because we're doing it in MIDI Band) ... I'm also gonna see if I can sing it ... hopefully he'll let me ... was a great experience, and I need to do more arrangement - I might just arrange other tunes for fun ... It should have been more straightforward than it was, considering how much I listen to S&M/Michael Kamen's version ... really gave me a new-found appreciation for it & it's something I'm gonna do more of ...
4. DEATH MAGNETIC LEAKED!!! Now, everyone's got their own set of ethics about stuff like this ... mine's basically that I grabbed it & couldn't wait to hear it ... I will be buying the cd on the 12th, so I don't see a problem with this ... it's very interesting/exciting/progressive & like every other Metallica album has a truly unique & individual sound ... I'm gonna listen to it a couple more hundred times ...

Gonna do a post soon about all the different musical activities I'm involved in this year (I'm really at the max - in a good way ... might drop chorus or something though...)

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michelle said...

Apocalyptica they are GREAT... (from Finland) they started off as a cover band for Metallica. I have never been a Heavy Metal fan but they have turned me around. I have never heard the cello played like this before. My granddaughter played it for a couple of years. I am going to an Apocalyptica concert in Oct and taking her with me, so she can see another side of this amazing instrutment. I work with a young man who is a self taught cellist, he is the one who told me about the band