Thursday, January 3, 2008

2008 Cello Goals

A long list, but this is all stuff I hope to achieve... ideally, I'll go far beyond this in the new year


1. To consistently practice 3 hours or more a day.
2. To record a cd with a combination of acoustic and electric cello material that I can be proud of, and can sell commercially (on a small/local level... we're not talking getting signed to a label or anything). Also, to make good use of facebook and myspace for networking (check my profile for links...)
3. To get technically in shape & play at the top of my potential. Particularly to be able to play at fast tempi with ease & to have a relaxed, controlled vibrato, along with very strong bow technique
4. To get a good tube amplifier & a good carbon fiber bow.
5. To develop a solid understanding of jazz & to be able to to improvise and play well in a jazz band setting
6. To continue to write music for acoustic/electric cello & to expand to include other instruments (particularly clarinet, violin & piano)
7. To continue to work on and promote music by living composers
8. To start playing in clubs/getting gigs that are outside of my school
9. To continue to transition from being a student studying the cello to doing professional work, and to eventually quit my retail job
10. To play acoustic/electric cello in a band
11. To make at least 3 times as much progress as I made in 2007
12. To work through the entire Elgar concerto on a very high level, and to win my school's concerto competition with the first movement. Then to rework the Haydn C and possibly move on to either Saint-Saens, Schumann, Dvorak or all three...
13. To take on one or two more students
14. To inspire others and continue to meet new and interesting musicians
15. To impress my first cello teacher
16. To learn Bach Suites 3 & 4 (ideally to learn all of them)
17. (AND MOST IMPORTANT) To have fun!!

Some reflections and comments about the musicals I'm involved in probably to follow... if I can stay awake that is...


CelloGirl said...

What a list!! If I had #12 on my list it'd be easily 8 goals :) I'm still slogging through Haydn C...and really enjoying it but I struggle to get my one hour/day practice in so I think I'll be slogging through that one for a while.

Keep posting! I'm enjoying reading your blog.

PS - I saw Rasputina perform earlier this year and really enjoyed it. Sounds like they would be a band you might like.

Mike Lunapiena said...

Thanks!! It's so bizarre that I have such a list actually... I've never really thought of myself as goal oriented... apparently I am though.

Everybody always recommends Rasputina to me... so far, I'm not that into them (I'd still go see em live though if there were in the area, just for the experience.)

I am however into Apocalytpica and even more into Break of Reality - they're both quite cool.

Haydn C is certainly something to slog through!! It requires so much precision... and yet, so much letting go...

Thanks for commenting.