Wednesday, January 16, 2008

City of Angels & School...

So City of Angels is done and over... I go to meet a few more of the band (though I really didn't get to chat with the other side of the pit at all)
It was a fun, but also very stressful show. The commute was quite stress-inducing (particularly getting lost the first two rehearsals). Also, all the other players around me were way better than I was (which was really cool, but also stress-inducing because it meant I had to really step stuff up - which I think I could have done a bit more). The last day was particularly fulfilling because I got a bit more comfortable with the music by that point.

To look at the broader picture, it was really inspiring that I was able to actually read through this music fairly well and stay with everyone (most of the time) ... a year ago, this music would have been way over my head

I need to work on memorizing things more efficiently (I'm still amazed by: Amit peled who can memoriz new music in a week & Jacqueline DuPre who memorized the entire Elgar Concerto the day she got it - can we say meant for each other?!)

Now on to school. I've been back at school for a few days now, and of course am kind of mixed about it. I've got some really cool stuff lined up that I'm working on (making a cd, working on modern composers music - a faculty member and an outside composer - Dumky Trio, probably a Beethoven Cello/Piano sonata, Jazz Improv & Ensemble & Piano for the classroom teacher). So I'm thrilled about all that, not to mention my psych classes (Adolescent Psych & Physiological Bases of Behavior).

What I am worried about however, is the lack of passion here, the lack of everybody being better than me, or going at the same pace or faster... I'm worried that I'm gonna lose my drive and my vision. What I have to combat that however, is the fact that I'm playing for Julia Lichten sometime soon (I have to call her about that) & my own will & my vow to myself that I'm not going to slip, that I'm going to stay organized & continue to progress at the rate I'm going. So far that's a really inspiring rate! I played cello yesterday & for the first time in a long time I really heard myself playing a lot better! I was making music out of things things I had been struggling with ... I still feel like I haven't reached the rate of progression I had in high school, but I'm getting damn close to it.. So here's to more practicing!!

In other news, I'm working on a 3rd piece for solo cello, and am going to be commissioning one from Jen Castellano (who's music I've played before). I'm thinking that I want to write something for cello/clarinet soon...

Guess that's all for now...

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