Monday, November 23, 2009

The Etude Project

I *really wish* that more advanced cellists/musicians would do things like this (post about their learning/practice process)

In general, I wish that more college or post-college players would blog - there is so much to learn - especially with all the different teachers out there ... this seems to be a really under-represented group in the blogging community.


CelloGirl said...

Mike - this is awesome! I went to performance of the cello choir at Georgia State University yesterday. Great cello program there under Martha Gershefski. I have always heard great things about her teaching and as I was watching the concert, I was thinking that it would be so great if they all blogged so that I could learn from their experiences.

I think I might add my practice of Popper etudes and Piatti Caprices to my blog. Would be fun to read back on it in the future.

CelloGirl said...

PS - this cellist memorized Popper 8 in 4 days. 45 min/ day practice. Didn't even occur to me to memorize the Popper etudes much less do it in short of a time frame.

Mike Lunapiena said...

This cellist has also completed his masters.

I try to memorize whenever possible - because then you will always have it with you.

I'm going to try doing something similar to this project, with the Dotzauer Etudes (memorizing 1 a week) ... I've been meaning to do it for a while.

You should email the teacher at Georgia & see if you can convince her to get some of her students to try it.

I'd definitely love to read about your progress on Popper/Piatti.

Good luck!