Sunday, August 28, 2011

An Update From the Studio

So I've been in the studio for a little over a week now ... Finished tracking for 6 and a half songs & eaten way too much pizza.

I'd orignally been intending to do some more updating, include some cool photos & vid. & all that, but honestly, I've had my hands completely full with trying to record everything as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

We lost our first day to technical issues, which was a real drag & I've had a few days where I've had to go back into NYC for gigs (including for the Steampunk Anachronism, which was tremendous fun & awesome), but otherwise, I've basically been recording from wake to sleep most days.

There have been some fun moments, some tense moments, some stupid moments (lots of stupid moments) & lots of exhausted moments ... I've learned about how I can better prepare for next time I go in the studio (the obvious way is learning all parts before hand, but also having a map/notes of how many times things repeat, where they line up w/ each other, etc, helps too).

I've had periods where I've been flying solo, but mostly Sean Harty has been engineering this ... it's a tremendous help having an engineer ... it's just too much to manage recording & engineering (not to mention, having someone with an instantaneous knowledge of mics & setup & all that is tremendously helpful) ... I've learned a bit more on the engineering side from doing this.

I've encountered lots of weird things like loops not quite lining up, like having to put my cello out of tune to make open strings work with a pre-recorded part, like there are certain 1/4 inch cables you don't put into a DI...

Mid-way through recording, we discovered that Sean actually had the original Garage Band files from when I wrote the album (which I lost due to partial Hard Drive failure) ... that has been both exciting and tremendously helpful ... moral of the story - always back things up ...

Anyway, so that's where I'm at ... really looking forward to getting to editing & mixing (and not working against a clock)

It's probably gonna be a bit before I write again ...

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