Saturday, August 22, 2009

Recent Happenings

So, I still haven't had a chance to type up Post-Summit Reflections or masterclass notes or stuff like that ... hopefully I will ...

A ton has happened since then:

1. I quit Soapbox Army to focus more on classical studies
2. Manhattanville College informed me that I needed to return my cello by the end of the month
3. I managed to get a very nice cello to play on for the next few weeks, courtesy of Bernie Tamosaitis - I may eventually buy this cello, but it would likely be in the distant future
4. I'm doing Copland's Appalachian Spring for 13 instruments on 2 rehearsal (had the first one last night) - it's cool. This gig's in Danbury - quite a drive!
5. I'm going to be doing both an Off-Broadway musical & an Opera - this will be good playing & career-wise & also a good test of my abilities

I played for Bernie earlier - it was very helpful. In general I need to:

-Emphasize notes less
-lighten up w/ my bow strokes
-create the sound w/ the bow & not the left hand
-lighten up before shifting
-think more about style & practice slowly
-practice technique w/ specific intents/make exercises out of things
-analyze for excess tension & find the easiest ways to play things

I got to play on a couple of different cellos of his - it was very cool to see how they all respond differently & have different characters - he seems to know a good deal about the worksmanship and history of them, which is great, because I don't really know much of that.

Anyway, so I got some really great advice & experience from it, and I have this church gig in the morning that involves improv'ing over really simple chord changes

I'm thinking of starting a set of "How to Improvise" vids. on youtube - I think it would be helpful for folks who are interested & might help a little in getting my name out as a teacher - I need to send flyers/resumes out to school teachers soon ...

Anyway, sleepytime ...

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