Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Out of the Box & Future Plans

This blog post is a bit overdue ...

I put together a demo cd a few weeks called Out of the Box (available here: http://cellomike.bandcamp.com/) ... It's a combination of songs I've written over the last few years, 2 Irish tunes, 1 song from my upcoming solo album & 1 guitar/cello duet from a short-lived ensemble called Pejoratively Yours.

It's called Out of the Box, because I've never really fit into any box as a cellist, as a creator, as a person ... I always don't quite fit the mold/I always march to my own drum.

Some of the songs on it are part of a "Mythology Suite", which I'll some day complete ... the 2 irish tunes are two of my favorite tunes to play (I only heard The Moorlough Shore for the first time last month ... Sinead O'Connor's performance is incredibly inspiring)...

Anyway, if you record a cd it makes sense to tell people ... so here I am telling all of you!

I'm also planning on recording a few more demo cds to represent the different things that define me as a solo cellist.

These will be:
Single Track Acoustic/Electric Improvisations
Irish Tunes
Guitar/Chapman Stick & Cello Duets
Maybe other stuff ...

The point of these all is to start to get my music out there (and also to have some merch to sell at shows & have something to show to people for booking purposes)

Any money I make from these will go towards affording recording equipment, FX pedals, lessons, etc.

Any support is appreciated :)

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