Thursday, August 7, 2008

Summit Day 12 - Amazing & Life Changing

So today was an incredibly packed day!

It involved:

Jr. Orchestra
Visual Masterclass
Jeff Solow Masterclass
Chamber Rehearsal
Piano Concert
Faculty Concert

The Visual Masterclass was incredible ... it was a music tech. kind of thing, and all about this one (amazing) pianist's journey into incorporating reactive video software into his live performance ... I'm gonna write more about it when I'm less exhausted, but it was like this guy took a slice out of my brain & made it reality ... I'm gonna try and get him in touch w/ Jordan Rudess, b/c I think they'd both have a lot of the same interests ...

Then there was the Jeff Solow Masterclass ... this was beyond amazing ... Jeff is an incredibly nice & cool guy. His teaching is equally as amazing because he talks about how to use your body to play the cello - and he actually talks about it in terms of the body & anatomy & what muscles do & things like that ... I have actual notes from it that I'm going to put up soon...

Of all the teachers I've been thinking of asking to play for, I think I'm going to do him ... I think that what he's talking about is what I need to learn in order to play the cello well & I think it's something that I won't learn from most teachers ...

The 6 pm concert was interesting ... learned about some new piano music that I'm gonna look into more when I have a chance ... I felt like the 19 year old pianist should have talked to the audience (besides telling us there was a program error) & shown us that he was a person, and I felt like he didn't care about what he was playing until about halfway through the 2nd piece (once he did care though, it was pretty awesome!)

The 8 pm concert was beyond amazing - first there was Gruber, who played these 3 songs without words by Paul Ben-Haim (I am *so* playing that on my Sr. Recital!) ... then there was a Brahms piano quartet featuring Jeff & Max - that was really incredible & I'm very curious about Jeff's cello ... it has an amazing combination of clarity & projection, particularly in the lower strings...

I *really* need to go practice now...

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