Monday, August 18, 2008

Summit Recap - Post 1 - The Musical Side

A tremendous amount to write about:

Firstly, I've identified several things I need to stop doing:
1. Being lazy in working on pieces - I need to practice each part until it sounds amazing & my mind always needs to be engaged, so that I am working towards how to play each part better physically and musically
2. Faking/Dropping out during orchestra just b/c something is hard - I don't ever want to do this again ... really, I don't ... I hate it ... I hated it from the second a teacher told me I could do it ... it's lack of integrity, it's mediocrity, but I let myself fall into it ... no more
3. Not preparing the music fully for a gig ... We had 2 weeks to learn orchestra music - meaning it should have been perfect by then .. at the concert, I still didn't know a lot of my part ... it certainly reflected in my playing, and in the real world, nobody gets 2 weeks, and I wouldn't get called back at that point ... I can't do it anymore
4. Not subdividing all the time ... I count most of the time ... this is not good enough ...

Things I learned about my technique:
1. I have to learn more about how the elbow & muscles work with bowing
2. Upper arm initiates bow change, fingers follow along
3. I play very vertically, and this chokes the sound & tends to create extra tension from pressing - I'm changing this

Things to follow:
-Hugh Sung Visual Recital Notes
-Haimovitz masterclass notes
-Instrument purchasing notes
-recollections on the overall experience/various people I met...

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