Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Another Elgar Realization

I realized that it's all about strong, purposeful attack w/ the left hand ... reminded me of this Amit Peled interview... (I'd really love to study with him at some pt ... but Peabody is all the way in Maryland ... plus I'd have to manage to get in...) ... but anyway, he talks about something called the Cobra Technique:

Look at the cobra, lifting the head before attacking. That is exactly what I mean by the cobra technique. The finger that is about to play, that is not playing yet, is going into a cobra position, which means it is going up in the air before going down. Instead of keeping it close, before putting it down. Exactly like the feet. Before you put the foot on the ground, you lift it. The same thing with the finger. Let us go back to the D string. If you play E with the 1st finger, then you are going to play G with the 4th finger, you lift the 4th finger into cobra position and then you put it down and immediately when it goes down, the 1st finger goes up. It did its job.

I'm thinking I might start labelling posts so that I can reference old ones ... that sounds really time consuming though... I also really need to practice more ... just under 4 hrs. today ... that should be 6...

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