Thursday, July 24, 2008


Taken from an email I wrote to a friend:
(context, she asked what my cellistic goals were ... I formatted it so that it's a bit more readable here...) ... I think I've watched a couple too many Metallica documentaries recently ... but hey, that's my inspiration...

My immediate goals are to be able to play the following: Elgar mov. 2, Popper 1, Metallica Kill 'Em All (all the Rhythm Parts for the whole album) & this Weber trio I'm working on.

My broader goals are that:
-I want to develop an amazing technique that will let me play whatever I want;
-I want to be be able to get into any conservatory in the country when I apply for grad school;
-I want to develop the ability to shred faster than any guitar player, the way guitarists like Kirk Hammet or Dave Mustaine or John Petrucci or like a billion others are capable of (physics is of course against me on that one);
-I want to develop a strong tone and loud sound; I want to keep writing original, interesting music for solo cello;
-finally, I want to be in some kind of heavy metal/rock band, and really push people's conception of what the cello's capable of in that format, cuz a lot of what I've seen so far has come off to me as: "oh hey look we have a cello, doesn't that make us cool" ... as opposed to amazing bands that just happen to have a cellist as one of their players. ...
-I'd like to be able to earn my income solely from cello 1 day

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