Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Summit Day 4 - Don't Skip Lunch!

Today I learned that skipping lunch is a bad idea ... especially when I haven't actually had breakfast ... I think I would have practiced/played better if I hadn't ...

but on that note, I played in Inna Nasidze's masterclass & learned a lot! I played the 2nd Bach suite, and despite the faulty intonation (it really was like I was physically struggling against myself) & a technique thing here or there, what I was really seeking was some musical advice. And that's exactly what I got ... I hope I can remember everything, but basically it was like taking a 1-dimensional sketch and making it into 3d...

Some things I took away:

Prelude -
-Start at nothing
-Each restatement of the beginning motive becomes more "real"

Allemande -
-Sense of phrasing and not letting the phrase die prematurely
-Continuity of sound
-Don't rush! Especially for double-stops in Allemande
-Always have a concept in mind
-Cadenza at the end of the Allemande shouldn't be rushed
-Don't press w/ bow
-Don't stop bow - this results in "tch" sound (which is related to pressing...)

I still feel like I need a better set of fingerings/some technique help in the Prelude, but I have a lesson w/ David Krieger tomorrow. He walked into the masterclass right as I was about to start the piece - made me incredibly nervous ... also, I felt ... like I let me/him down b/c I wasn't able to incorporate what we talked about regarding bowing into this performance, b/c I was so tense/exhausted ...

Weber/Chausson rehearsal could have been better ... I still wasn't feeling/playing so great at that point though & I haven't had a chance to metronome the music ... gonna do that tonight ...

The lecture with David Dubal was very interesting ... I liked his ideas that we had to be more than just technical machines & that we had to have lives outside of music and be conscious of the world around us ... he commented a lot on how people used to be surprised if you didn't compose/improvise & now it's the other way around ... I couldn't always hear everything, because, in addition to doing lights, I also had to do sound... was stressful, but fun ... I really like that kind of work

That's the end of the cello masterclasses this week - which is good, cuz I'll get to practice more ... I'm gonna thank Inna for listening to me when I get a chance & *maybe* ask her if I can play Bach for her again next week ... she's a very nice/approachable person ...

That's all for now ...

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