Thursday, July 17, 2008

Extraneous Noises & Collapsed Wrist

So, thank you to Mr. Carl Maria Von Weber ... while practicing his piece (and a very focused practice - this is what I should be doing all the time!), I noticed two things:

1. I have lots of extraneous bow noise, and so I worked for a good 20 minutes on about 4 measures ... by the end, it was mostly gone
2. I tend to collapse my Left wrist a lot, thus making it harder to play and reducing the quality of my tone ... it doesn't feel as secure when I consciously try to change it, but I'm pretty sure that that's just because I'm not used to it ... this came up back when I did the Alexander workshop too...

Also ... slow practice for intonation is essential before moving on to other aspects ... I find it tends to be what I focus on the most, and so it hampers me the most if I don't have it down!

In general, I need to pay more attention to bow distribution and practice playing more in the middle of the bow (at the balance point), and eventually at the tip...

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